At Locafella University, we specialize in unlocking the art and science of loc styling, catering specifically to the unique beauty of Black hair. Our mission is to empower new stylists with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to master loc techniques, from foundational basics to advanced styling and care practices.

We believe that mastering the art of loc styling transcends the strands we twist and shape; it's a celebration of heritage, identity, and self-expression. "It's bigger than hair" is not just our tagline; it's a deep-rooted conviction that guides every lesson, every technique, and every interaction we have. It reflects our commitment to understanding and honoring the rich history and cultural significance of locs, recognizing that each twist and coil carries a story, an identity, and a legacy.

Founder: Jasmin Thomas

Master Loctician

Franchise owner of Locafella Locs Studio

From the humble beginnings of styling locs in a college dorm to pioneering a luxury brand that embodies the essence of Black excellence, our founder's journey is a testament to the power of passion, perseverance, and vision. With a bachelor's degree in psychology, they not only mastered the art of loc styling but also understood the profound impact of hair on identity and self-esteem.

With over 15 years of hair care experience, they took a leap during the pandemic and launched two state-of-the-art studios in 2021 located in the heart of Fontana, CA, and the iconic Melrose Ave in Los Angeles, CA. Today, as the leader of a talented team of 17 stylists, they oversee the care of over 500 clients each month, offering unparalleled service and expertise.

Beyond styling, they have innovated a natural hair care line that reflects their commitment to quality and sustainability. With 7 products currently gracing the shelves of Amazon and Walmart, they are setting new standards in natural hair care.

At the core of our instructor's ethos is the belief that "It's bigger than hair." This philosophy has guided them to not only build a brand but also to foster a community that celebrates faith, hope, love, and the rich tapestry of Black culture. Through their work, they aim to inspire future generations, proving that with faith and determination, dreams can manifest into reality.

Join us on this journey of learning, growth, and empowerment. Whether you're here to refine your skills, embrace a new career path, or contribute to the legacy of Black excellence, you're in the right place.

Learn From the Best

With years of hands-on experience, a deep understanding of the cultural and psychological significance of hair, and a successful track record of entrepreneurship in the beauty industry, our founder brings not only skill but soul to every lesson.

Become an Expert Loctician

Our courses feature step-by-step video tutorials narrated by Jasmin Thomas herself. Also included are visually appealing PDF's handbooks that you can use to refresh your memory on the go.

Grow Your Clientele

Becoming an expert loctician requires more than just learning how to properly care for hair. You also have to know how to acquire and retain new clients Our courses will teach you skills beyond the chair, so you can flourish as an entrepreneur as well.

Why Should You Join the Locafella Family?


With courses designed for working individuals, you'll be able to learn at your pace, from any device, without sacrificing depth for convenience.

A Supportive Community

You're not just signing up for a course; you're joining a family. Our network of students and professionals is here to uplift, support, and celebrate with you at every step.

Masterful Techniques

From the basics to advanced creative expressions, learn everything about loc care, styling, and maintenance. Our hands-on approach ensures you gain the confidence and competence to bring any vision to life.

Beyond the Chair

We go beyond the technical skills to equip you with business savvy, communication skills, and branding essentials to succeed in the beauty industry and make a lasting impact.